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Audio Visual

Smart TV

Want to upgrade to a new SmartTV?  Interested in watching Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Instant Video?  Don't know what a component or HDMI cables are?  480 vs. 720 vs. 1080 vs. 4K resolutions - what are they?  No worries, I can assist you through the maze of specifications so you find the right TV with the best features for you.


Want a larger screen for the children's playroom? Want an upgrade to the entertainment room?   Step up from a large flat panel TV to a screen that can be over 100 inches.


Need to learn how to use a projector for work presentations?  Need to know how to use Apple TV or Chromecast for client presentations?


One Remote

Have 4 remotes for TV, DVD, Cable Box, and Stereo Reciever?  Combine all 4 remote controls into one remote control.  Then look forward to one button activities to "Watch TV", "Watch Netflix", "Listen to CD", "Watch DVD".


Eliminate frustrated parents or baby sitters not being able to turn on equipment.

Home Theater

Have a system and can't get it to work?  Has it been several years since you installed your equipment and need some fine tuning?  I can probably help.


Or, if your system is so old there is a cassette player or turn table, we can work on getting you updated to a new, simple solution


Wireless Sound

  • Interested in Sonos?  I can help!

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