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Apple Products

iPhone and iPad

Need help getting your iPhone and iPad set up?  Add email and iCloud accounts.  Set up iTunes accounts.  Link Apple Pay.  Can't figure out why your iPhone battery just died so quickly?


iMac and Mac Book Pro

Need to set up iMac or Mac Book Pro for use in home or office?  Set up printing, scanning or digital filing?  Can't figure out what is causing the spinning pinwheel and your computer is running really slow?  I can help with an onsite analysis and update.


iCloud, iTunes Match

Wonder why you have iCloud user names and passwords?  How about iTunes user names and passwords?  Want everything linked between your Apple devices?  How about a simple explaination of the differences and why you need each?  Interested in having your Apple information show up on your PC desktop or notebook?  I can help.


Apple TV

Interested in watching your iTunes music and movie collection on a bigger screen?  Would you like to share your iPhone or iPad pictures of your vacation with your family on a large screen?  Want to rent the latest movies?  Want to watch Netflix?  Want to play your iTunes match thru your home stereo system?  I can help



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